AguaClara LLC is a social enterprise that designs and deploys sustainable community owned drinking water treatment technologies. AguaClara has revolutionized conventional water treatment, making high quality, safe drinking water affordable and accessible to communities with limited resources ranging from villages of 100 households to urban areas of 50,000 people.

Our technologies require no electricity to run, use locally-available materials, and are simple to maintain and operate. As a result, construction and operation cost half of traditional water systems.  Since 2005, eight community-owned and operated water treatment plants have been implemented in seven cities of Honduras, serving a total of 30,000 people who previously lacked access to safe water. The widespread applicability of and interest in our technology inspired  us start AguaClara as a company to scale-up and collaborate with implementation partners globally.

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All pictures and graphics on this website were sourced at AguaClara sites or at Cornell University. They represent our accomplishments to date, our stakeholders in our success and our goals for the immediate future.